Snoezelen Online Learning Curriculum

The course takes approximately 4 hours to complete and saves your progress on each page so you can complete it as you go. Compatible on Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile devices.

    1. What is Snoezelen?: Introduction

    2. Snoezelen History

    3. The Snoezelen Way

    4. The Enabling Approach

    5. Snoezelen for Children

    6. Snoezelen for Adults

    7. Snoezelen for Seniors

    8. Research

    9. What is Snoezelen?: Conclusion

    10. What is Snoezelen?: Chapter Quiz

    1. The Senses: Introduction

    2. Vision

    3. Touch

    4. Hearing

    5. Smell

    6. Taste

    7. Vestibular

    8. Proprioception

    9. Interoception

    10. The Senses: Conclusion

    11. The Senses: Chapter Quiz

    1. The Sensory Experience: Introduction

    2. Using Our Senses

    3. The Efficient Brain

    4. Overstimulation

    5. Sensory Overload

    6. Understimulation

    7. Sensory Deprivation

    8. Sensory Challenge

    9. The Sensory Experience: Chapter Conclusion

    10. The Sensory Experience: Chapter Quiz

    1. The Snoezelen Experience: Introduction

    2. Powerful Sensations and Important Feelings

    3. How Snoezelen Works

    4. Explore

    5. Calm

    6. Enjoy

    7. Relax

    8. Stimulate

    9. Enrich

    10. Educate

    11. The Snoezelen Experience: Conclusion

    12. The Snoezelen Experience: Chapter Quiz

    1. A Successful Program: Introduction

    2. Sensory Assessments & Profiles

    3. Plan A Snoezelen Session

    4. The "Just Right" Challenge

    5. Maintaining Your Equipment

    6. A Successful Program: Conclusion

    7. A Successful Program: Chapter Quiz

    1. Technical Training: Introduction

    2. Understanding Snoezelen WiFi Systems

    3. Bubble Tubes

    4. Fiber Optic Light Sprays

    5. Solar Projectors

    6. Sensory Magic

    7. 8 Button Wireless Controller

    8. Snoezelen Carts

    9. Controllable Outlets

    10. Mirror Ball & Spotlight

About this course

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  • 60 lessons

Snoezelen Training FAQ's

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  • Are group discounts available?

    Yes! If you are purchasing for a group or have specific billing needs we recommend ordering your course through FlagHouse by emailing

  • Who is Snoezelen Online Training for?

    This training is ideal for those starting a new Snoezelen program or at a facility that has a Snoezelen Room. Teachers, Therapists, Parents, Caregivers and more can benefit from the knowledge and experience in this course.

  • Who developed this training?

    The Snoezelen Training course was developed by FlagHouse, North America's premiere source for Snoezelen MSE. This training has been directly adapted for a digital experience from 30+ years of training caregivers by Snoezelen Experts.

  • Will I get a certificate?

    Yes. A certificate of completion is given upon successful completion of the course.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Your one-time fee grants you access to Snoezelen training for 150 days from when you start the course. Need more time? Send us a message and we'll be happy to work with you to meet your needs.

  • How long will it take to complete the course?

    The total course should take approximately 3-4 hours to complete. But you don't need to do it all at once! You can pause and exit the training at any time and your progress will be saved.

  • Are there downloadable resources?

    Yes. Snoezelen training provides links to dozens of research papers for Academic purposes, as well as tools for Sensory assessment and product manuals for Snoezelen Equipment.

  • What languages are available?

    Currently Snoezelen Online Training is only available in English. We are hoping to add French and Spanish versions in the future.

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